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Ben Azzara, drummer

I have a creative playing style, especially known for an erratic improvisational performance and a heavy right foot. I've been the progenitor of numerous groups including, but not limited to; Junction, Delta 72, and The Capitol City Dusters on Dischord Records.

I've recorded and or performed with many Washington DC area musicians and bands of varying genres. Just to name a few: the The Love Load, DC Improvisers Collective, Sean McArdle, Joe Lally and more.

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Ben Azzara, Jellybot artist

Creator of the Jellybot, a mythical robot jellyfish that evolved from escaped nanites that filters heavy metals from the oceans. More images at Instagram...


Jellybot 2016 Wall Calendars


Waiting for the Singularity, Poems by Ben Azzara

I have been writing poetry and short fiction for as long I as I've been playing drums. I received an English degree from Penn State and have published and read sporadically since.

Recently I have started writing within the constraints of Twitter at PoemTwits. I am challenged by this publishing outlet and it encourages me to be concise and poignant.

My latest e-book, "Waiting for the Singularity" is available on the Kindle. It is a collection of 15 poems from 2009-2011 where I explore longer themes, often based on PoemTwits.

"Waiting for the Singularity" (E-Book) | PoemTwits (Twitter Poetry)

Web Design

Wayne Escoffery website by Ben Azzara
Ralph Bowen website by Ben Azzara

When I build a site, I approach it as if I was a master-craftsman building a custom cabinet. I make sure all the pieces fit uniformly, sand all the corners, and make sure all the joints and hinges are straight and operate correctly. I code all by hand—I literally type in the HTML code. Each page I create is a custom fit for the content.

As an artist myself, I am sensitive to the artistic needs and aspirations of others. I have been working on the web since 1996 and I have extensive knowledge of user behavior and can shape a site, balancing the goals of the client with the expectations of users...continue reading...

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Photography by Pete Duvall, Janet Bell